November 8, 2017

Zhangjiagang Rachel Machine Co.,Ltd.

Zhangjiagang Rachel Machine Co.,Ltd. located in the beautiful coastal city of Zhangjiagang City, east of Shanghai, Nanjing marina north, south Jiangsu.

Zhangjiagang Rachel Machine Co.,Ltd.

The company set 90 years in the last century, the development, production, sales and after-sales service in one of the trade and production units. Mainly engaged in the whole production line of soft drinks and food, the main products are: PET Preform cap injection molding, blowing machine; 2000-36000 bottles per hour of water / juice / carbonated beverage production line; beer / cans filling production line; 3/5 gallon drums water production line; various liquid filling lines.

We always focus on "quality, innovation, service" on competition in the international market environment, we have succeeded in from Germany, Italy, the introduction of the latest beverage packaging technology. Products not only provide the domestic market, while exports to over 30 countries and regions of Australia, South Africa, Latin America, Malaysia, Pakistan, Dubai, Iraq, etc., are small and medium sized beverage and food manufacturers an important supplier.

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Zhangjiagang U Tech Machine Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiagang U Tech Machine Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of filling equipment (filling equipment). The corporation has excellent control equipment and high-performance machines. The main advantages of the company's activity are high-quality products, reasonable prices, modern modeling. The company's equipment is used in the field of beverages and packaging.