March 5, 2020

Liquid soap dispensing equipment

Over the past three years, the volume of production of liquid soap in our country has grown by almost 1.5 times - from 2.5 thousand tons to 3.8 thousand tons. The trend is caused, first of all, by the increased demand for this product: liquid soap is more convenient for consumers and today the traditional solid option has been significantly suppressed. We are increasingly meeting it in everyday life, at work, in service enterprises and public institutions, and the need for it is only growing. In this regard, the production of liquid soap is becoming an increasingly popular segment for investors.

Liquid soap dispensing equipment
Business organization in this niche is currently one of the most attractive and cost-effective areas. After choosing technology, novice manufacturers inevitably face the problem of arranging sites and choosing equipment. Today, a large selection of machines is presented on the market, and sometimes it is quite difficult to decide.

How do we know what equipment we need?

The choice of equipment, first of all, depends on the production technology, the specifics of the product and the packaging format. To date, the most popular are the technologies for production of full-boiled soap and cold-process soap, as well as remelting solid soap bases. However, regardless of the individual specifics of the selected method, the site is equipped with a standard set of plants, which includes reactors, tanks, filters, mixers, homogenizers, pumps, machines for filling the product into containers and labeling machines. Next, the need to purchase additional plants is determined.

The cost of equipment for the production of liquid soap depends on the required capacity and functional equipment. Saving on this expense item is not recommended, because high-quality equipment is the key to the effectiveness of organizing technological processes and obtaining a product that meets all the initial parameters. The price of a full-fledged liquid soap filling line depends on its completeness and, as a rule, is higher than on individual plants. At the same time, the acquisition of complex-type equipment (filling line, monoblock, triblock) allows achieving the best results for a number of reasons:

• all processes are coordinated among themselves;

• the site is organized as compactly as possible;

• equipment is configured using a single control unit.

When buying autonomous machines, one should take into account the fact that installations of different manufacturers may be technically incompatible. As for the lines, the integration issue is being addressed at the design stage. This simplifies the assembly and commissioning processes, the equipment is put into operation faster.


Our factory “AURORA PACK ENGINEERING” produces an extensive product line of equipment for manufacture, fill and finish packaging liquid soap. We make typical installations and customized models of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic type. Among our own developments there are both individual machines (dispensers, cappers and others), and complex lines, monoblocks and optimally selected sets: peristaltic metering pump MDP-200B Plus, automatic filling machine MD-500D2P, set for pumping liquid products, semi-automatic mini-line for filling large volumes "Master", semi-automatic line for filling thick products "Master" MZ-400ED, filling line for foaming products (household chemicals) "Master" MZ-400ED.

We are ready to provide suitable solutions for companies that produce not only soap, but shampoos, antiseptics, shower gels and other cosmetic products in various volumes (monoblock filling and capping for cosmetics (creams, gels and lotions) "Master", automatic small-sized bottling and capping line "Master" MZ-400ED). When creating these plants, we relied on versatility, which allows our customers to change the formulation of liquid soap and vary with the ingredients without need for significant modernization.


In addition to equipping production facilities, we solve a wide range of related tasks, such as:

• a full range of engineering services (including installation, installation supervision, commissioning, staff training and a number of others);

• selection of manufacturing technology;

• establishment of production processes;

• creation of turnkey production sites for liquid soap.

Equipping household chemical production with ”AURORA PACK ENGINEERING“ is confidence in the reliability and efficiency of organization of the technological processes and production of high-quality products!

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