Equipment for Sanitizers Filling and Packaging

Counteraction to the microbial environment is the most important component of a healthy lifestyle for a modern person. Every day we are faced with a mass of pathogenic microorganisms that must be destroyed in a timely manner, primarily from the hands, as the most contaminated parts of the body.

Liquid soap dispensing equipment

Over the past three years, the volume of production of liquid soap in our country has grown by almost 1.5 times - from 2.5 thousand tons to 3.8 thousand tons. The trend is caused, first of all, by the increased demand for this product: liquid soap is more convenient for consumers and today the traditional solid option has been significantly suppressed. We are increasingly meeting it in everyday life, at work, in service enterprises and public institutions, and the need for it is only growing. In this regard, the production of liquid soap is becoming an increasingly popular segment for investors.

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